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One of the best ways to sell yourself to someone you don’t know but who’s got the power to determine your fate is through your words. How do you sell yourself to an admission committee that you deserve to be in their school?

Personal Statements, Statements of Purpose, Development Impact essays, Leadership Experience essays etc. are examples of topics prospective students or applicants are required to write and include in their applications.

Even if other requirements for your application have been met, good essays are necessary to make an overall better impression of your application.



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Statement of Purpose
An essay that dwells mostly on your previous and current experiences and how that might have informed your future goals. You want to express how the course fits into those future goals.

Personal Statement

An essay that takes into consideration your background story and what about that story has spurred you to apply for that course and school.

Voluntary and Leadership Experience

Essays mostly required by scholarship bodies to gauge your abilities to lead, serve others and how your previous experiences doing those can be beneficial to your community, school and country.

Personal History and Diversity Statement
The purpose of this essay is for the Institution to get to know you as an individual and potential graduate. It describes how your personal background informs your decision to pursue a graduate degree.

Career Objectives
An Essay that dwells on your short and long term goals, what you are most proud of and why you are suited to a particular field as a result of your education, experience, abilities and enthusiasm.


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  • Phone consultation
  • 2-time essay review
  • 3-time essay review
  • Extra essay review
  • Complete essay makeover


  • Phone consultation
  • 2-time essay review
  • 3-time essay review
  • Extra essay review
  • Complete essay makeover


  • Phone consultation
  • Extra essay review
  • Complete essay makeover



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